Understanding Your Deductible

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts launched a dynamic, real-time tool for our members to access personalized information about deductibles. The tool allows you to easily view your:

  • Current deductible status

  • Out-of-pocket maximum status

  • Co-insurance maximum status (if applicable)

To start using it now, just create an account, or log in to, your account. It's fast, easy, and in minutes you'll be on your way to understanding your plan better than ever.

In addition to making the deductible easier to understand, this enhancement offers a number of helpful features designed to:

  • Make deductibles more understandable
    • Shows pop-up definitions of key health insurance terms

    • Displays accumulation for the correct deductible period (plan year vs. calendar year)

  • Simplify access to information
    • Displays medical and dental deductible and out-of-pocket maximum information in one place

    • Displays both family and individual information so you can better manage your plans

    • Displays merged pharmacy and medical claim accumulations in one display to support Health Savings Account (HSA) needs

    • Displays different deductible levels for Blue Options deductible plans

If you have questions, please contact Member Services at the number on the front of your ID card.