What's an easy way to ensure good health? Get regular health screenings.

Keeping your children up-to-date on their immunizations will help protect them from many common childhood diseases.

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But preventive medicine isn't just for children. It's important for adults to follow prevention screening guidelines as well.

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Why do you need certain health screenings if you feel fine? There are no early warning signs for many diseases, such as high blood pressure or cancer, but early detection saves lives. In fact, some preventive measures can help prevent the onset of the disease altogether.

Breast cancer rates are down because of regular mammograms—an important and effective screening test. Regular mammography is vital, which is why we send our members regular reminders if they've missed this critical screening exam.

In fact, with many conditions, a health screening can detect a concern before it becomes a real problem. For example, cervical cancer has become one of the most curable cancers—all thanks to regular Pap tests, which are very effective in detecting precancerous cells.

Another highly treatable cancer is colon cancer. Screening tests can detect colon polyps, which if left untreated can become cancerous.

Screenings aren't all about physical health, though. One important aspect of staying healthy is your mental and emotional wellbeing. Screening for postpartum depression can help ensure the health of moms and their new babies.