Quality Care Dosing

Ensuring that you receive the health care you need is a great concern of ours. That includes getting the proper quantity and dosage for each prescription medication. That's why we've expanded our pharmacy quality review program, Quality Care Dosing.

With Quality Care Dosing, we electronically check prescription medications before they're filled to ensure that the quantity and dosage is consistent with the recommendations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and others.

Prescriptions that do not meet recommendations may be modified in two ways:

  • Dose Consolidation-You may be taking two or more pills a day of a medication that could be replaced with one pill that provides the same full day's dosage.

  • Monthly Dosing-You may be taking a monthly quantity of medicine that exceeds the amount recommended by the FDA or other accepted clinical practice guidelines.

Your doctor may request an exception from the guidelines for medications that are subject to Quality Care Dosing (when medically necessary) through our Clinical Pharmacy department.

Download the Quality Care Dosing (QCD) Affected Drug List, which contains a complete list of all the medications subject to QCD and the maximum quantity allowed per prescription.