Your Role: The Rx You Need

Your doctor plays a critical role in ensuring that you receive quality health care. To get the most out of this partnership, it's important to stay informed and make educated decisions about your care.

Here are some simple ways to be an advocate for your health and save on prescription costs:

  • Discuss your prescription options with your doctor. Make sure to follow his/her instructions for prescription use.

  • Ask your doctor to prescribe generic medications whenever possible.

  • Know your copayment structure, or deductible or co-insurance amounts for your pharmacy benefits. Copayments are determined by the specifics of your plan. In most cases, your copayment for a brand-name medication will be at least twice that of the generic equivalent.

  • Don't rely on drug marketing campaigns for your medication information. Talk to your doctor  to make sure the medication prescribed is right for you.

  • Stay informed. Take advantage of the online and off-line resources available in our Helpful Resources section.

If you have any questions about your benefits, please call Member Service at the toll-free number on the front of your ID card.