Member Notice: Unauthorized Phone Calls and Texts

Some of our Members report receiving phone calls or text messages claiming to be from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. Members may be asked if they suffer from or experience pain and are offered free topical pain medicine, free DNA test kits, diabetic supplies, or durable medical equipment. Members may also be asked to confirm certain information like their member ID number, password, date of birth, doctor’s name, or date of last service.

These calls and texts are not from Blue Cross, nor did we authorize them. We would never ask for your password via text or unsolicited phone call. If you receive one of these calls or texts, do not give anyone any personal information. Our advice is to just hang up.

If you received a call or text like this, we encourage you to contact our Fraud Hotline at 1-800-992-4100, or email us at

Remember, never share your personal information unless you are absolutely sure you are talking to someone you can trust.