Fitness Reimbursement

Interested in living a healthier lifestyle? Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts makes it easy with reimbursement programs designed to help you better manage your health and reduce your risk of developing a future illness.

To verify these reimbursements are included in your plan, log in to MyBlue or call the MyBlue number on your ID card.

Fitness Reimbursement

Your Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts health plan can save you money annually for health club membership fees or for fitness classes taken at a qualified health club.

  • Choose a qualified health club.

  • Complete the fitness reimbursement form once you pay for the program.

  • Mail the completed form to the address listed on the bottom of the form.

A full-service health club with a variety of exercise equipment, including:

  • Cardiovascular equipment like treadmills and bikes

  • Strength-training equipment like free weights and weight machines

To receive the fitness reimbursement for a qualified pay-as-you-go health club, get paid receipts from the club for your records.

You can't receive the fitness reimbursement for expenses towards personal training, lessons, coaching, equipment, clothing, or any of the clubs below:

  • Martial arts or yoga centers

  • Gymnastics, tennis, aerobic, or pool-only facilities

  • Country clubs or social clubs

  • Sports teams or leagues

  • Before starting, check to see if your plan includes a fitness reimbursement.

  • You can claim this reimbursement for fees incurred by any combination of subscriber, spouse, and/or dependent children enrolled under the same Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Keep copies of your proof of payment in case we request it from you. Proof of payment includes:

    • Itemized, dated, paid receipts

    • Bank or credit card statements

    • Paycheck stubs if your payments are automatically deducted from that account

    • Weight Watchers paperwork

  • Proof of payment should include the name of the family member enrolled in the program and the individual amounts charged with date paid.

  • The dollar amount you receive may be considered taxable income. Consult your tax advisor about how to treat this reimbursement on your taxes.


Download the Fitness Reimbursement form

Download the Fitness Reimbursement form (Spanish)

We’ll make a reimbursement decision within 30 calendar days of receiving a completed request for coverage or payment.

Before starting a fitness or weight-loss program, be sure to talk with your doctor about finding the program that's right for you.